About us


Edisonweb was founded in 1995 with the vision that the Internet would have revolutionized the relationships among people, companies and objects, and that objects themselves would have become smarter and smarter.

Our core business is developing innovative applications for proximity marketing. We aim at building easy-to-use, flexible and reliable apps, by following processes that have been improved in 28 years of experience.

Our history

  • We develop the first tools for managing content on the web and for creating e-commerce sites in full autonomy.

  • We are among the first ones to adopt the paradigm of the graphical interface combined with the event-driven programming on multi-tier architectures.

  • Our processes for software development and cloud provisioning of related services are certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001.

  • Web Signage sees its first light. It is the Digital Signage platform that aims to revolutionize and innovate proximity marketing, including mobile integration.

  • 2012 Our solutions and technologies for proximity marketing are increasingly in demand by companies and international brands .

  • We are forerunner in the acceleration program FiWare-frontierCities, backed by the European Commission, developing a new model of smart mobility.



We are looking for partners and protagonists in IT to share the common goal to simplify the Internet and turn it into a whole world of mutual opportunities.

  • We internally implement the entire production cycle
  • We have OEM and reseller programs
  • We use the best cloud computing platforms
  • We employ agile methodology and certified development models
  • Our solutions are open and interoperable
  • Our software is multilingual
  • We guarantee direct first class support
  • We collaborate with Universities and excellence research centres

Our main commitment is to provide our partners with enabling platforms and with innovative and proven business models for the development of solutions with high added value.


  • Microsoft Partner

  • Samsung Partner

Our standards

Customer-centric and continuous focus to improving the effectiveness of business processes in order to:

  • Pursue continuous improvement
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Monitor the quality of the services provided
  • Improve internal efficiency
  • Measure performance management
  • Maintain and develop high level know-how

Our principles

LinkedinRiccardo D'Angelo (Edisonweb Founder & CEO)

“... It’s the people who make the difference, a great team and a lot of passion allow you to exceed your limits and achieve excellent products...”

Riccardo D'Angelo

Founder & CEO